Conjunctival nevus

Herpes zoster

Acrodermatitis enteropathica

Dermatitis herpetiformis



"world-class diagnostic expertise"
Our practice is focused entirely on expert second opinion consultations in dermatopathology, head and neck pathology and eye pathology. Our experience enables us to make definitive diagnoses in difficult cases. Our support will enhance the reputation of your practice.

"growth of dermatopathology outreach and market share"
We have a proven record of helping our clients to develop dermatopathology outreach program and increase their market share in dermatopathology services in their communities. Our research indicates that most physicians will choose to support their local pathologists if they can provide subspecialty expertise on selected cases. We will be happy to provide assistance in marketing your dermatopathology services.

"increased productivity of pathologists"
You can save hours of pathologist's time. They can consult us instead of wasting time researching obscure dermatopathology or eye pathology diagnoses.

"worldwide reach"
Our web-based workflow solution enables us to work with pathologists and hospitals world-wide.

"rapid turnaround time"
Each case sent for a second opinion consultation is already delayed. We are very serious about rapid turnaround time for our consultations. Our reports can be transcribed by your staff within minutes after the report is issued. In contrast to university-based consultants, our practice is entirely dedicated to second opinion consultations so your cases are our priority.

"increased productivity of your staff "
Sending out pathology consultations is a labor-intensive process. Our workflow allows for paperless submission of cases, transcription-less integration with your reports, and accurate tracking of the materials sent and received.

"staffing flexibility and cost savings "
We are happy to provide a consultation on a rare case. We can also provide an alternative to hiring a full-time dermatopathologist when your case volume only supports a fraction of a full position. We can help you absorb increased number of cases with your current staffing.

"peace of mind " is a perfect solution for a solo practitioner. Now, it is easy to have a colleague always available for a consultation. We can also provide a solo practitioner with vacation coverage.

"non-competing partnership"
We do not provide technical services in our laboratory, so we do not compete with our clients for the primary business.