Paraneoplastic pemphigus

Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma

Epidermal spongiosis

Bullous erythema multiforme

Mongolian spot


We specialize in providing second opinion consultations and coverage for pathologists in the areas of dermatopathology, as well as ophthalmic, head and neck, and oral pathology.  Last year we reported more than 4,000 cases originating from the United States and Europe.

Our practice is unique in many aspects. In contrast to academic centers and commercial laboratories, supporting outside pathology groups is our sole goal and focus. We do not compete with our clients in their markets as we do not provide primary pathology services. We developed a proprietary website which streamlines the entire consultation process, dramatically reducing costs and turn-around time. The slides are still sent in by a courier mail service but the workflow is paperless. Basic statistics regarding our practice were recently described in an article published in Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

Our low cost structure and rapid turn-around time allow our clients use us as de facto part-time dermatopathologists affiliated with their organizations. To support this function we offer flexible billing arrangements. We helped our clients to successfully promote their services in their communities and increase the volume of their dermatopathology business. With our help pathology groups were able to retain dermatopathology business without hiring a full-time dermatopathologist. In some cases, we became members of our clients' medical groups and are featured on their websites. We can also provide vacation coverage. If available, special stains and immunohistochemical procedures that we request are performed at our client's laboratories and billed by them.

We have extensive experience in melanoma flourescence in situ hybridization (FISH) which we use routinely in evaluation of difficult melanocytic lesions. Please click here for our recent review of the topic of melanoma FISH.

We take telephone calls from our clients' clinicians about the cases that we report. Thus, we do much more for our clients than simply providing consultation reports.

The following are reasons why your practice should consider using our services:

  • If you need second opinion consultations in skin, head and neck, oral, and ophthalmic pathology.
  • If you want to reduce your malpractice risk.
  • If you need easy access to a dermatopathologist or an expert in head and neck, oral, or ophthalmic pathology, but the volume of cases in your practice is insufficient to justify a full-time position.  
  • If you would like to offer melanoma FISH to your clinicians.
  • If you need short-term or long-term dermatopathology coverage.
  • If your clinicians or contracts demand that skin biopsies be reported by a board-certified dermatopathologist.
  • If your practice could benefit from the assistance of nationally recognized experts to support your outreach program.